Science Communicator

Effective communication is one of the most central aspects of science—the process of phrasing the workings of nature in terms understandable to humans.

I am a science communicator with a deep knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry through my scientific background and professional work as institutional Public Relations Officer.

My scientific background is in biology and physics. I graduated from the University of Vienna (Austria, EU) with a study how soil chemistry influences the microbial community in tropical rain forest soils. After a year in London (UK) for my substitute national service as an Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service intern, I started my PhD studies at Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan). There I worked on uncovering the mechanisms with which biological transportation networks optimise their geometry during growth.

Throughout my studies I have always engaged in science communication with people of all ages and in many contexts. I have taught classes to primary school, secondary school, and university students; created video interviews with researchers; been in front of the camera explaining my work; and developed games that enable intuitive understanding of complex natural processes.

I love learning about nature and am a gifted teacher, and I want to share the delights of studying nature. The very essence of science is people using their own experiences and their own reasoning minds to find truth. I dedicate my work to making this process accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible.