Work Samples


All Roads Lead to Big Cities

A press release for Hokkaido University

The Catfish, Communication, and Conflict

A researcher highlight article for Hokkaido University

How to Grow a Network on the Go

A blog post about my own scientific work on a website for developmental biologists

The Catalyst

A quarterly publication for all in academia with the aim of making chemistry more common place.


A researcher profile for the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (interview and editing, series of 11)

A research highlight for Hokkaido University (script and directing)

A promotion video for the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (script and editing)

A video press release on a research paper (script, filming and editing)



This game is my attempt at intuitively capturing the world of a slime mould—how it perceives its environment, how it makes decisions, and how its body arrives at ‘clever’ solutions much more elegantly than we humans.


Card by card a deep and rich world unravels, containing the collective phantasies of our friends, and the stories of the friends of our friends. In total, this game will catch a glimpse of our time and our space of myths.

The Great Race

The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac race across streets, rivers and the Archer’s hunting grounds to the Jade Emperor’s palace. On the way, they have to sometimes help each other, sometimes block each other’s path.